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aichaku (affection)

To love and feel attached to something. When a person uses something with love, it's said that the person leaves a mark of their lifestyle and life on it. Things with a history, that have been made with care and rich with textures, that have a high degree of precision and even a feel of elegance and allure, all invite affection. From consumption to affection - TOUCH foresees this era and pours its energy into every product and service we offer.



Aroma means fragrance and therapy means a remedy. Natural fragrance elements extracted from botanicals penetrate the bloodstream through the skin or approach the brain through breathing, to restore the balance of the body and mind. Aromas enhance the natural healing ability and immunity that are intrinsic to humans.



This is the French word for "craftsman" or "handicraft artist." TOUCH has a superb collection of cultural treasures with products of artisan spirit and craft such as high-quality linens that increase their richness as they are used and bath accessories decorated with genuine stones and buffalo horn.



The warming effects of bathing improve blood circulation and metabolism. This helps the body to discharge fatigue and lactic acid for quality sleep. A warm bath of 37-39℃ is effective for the parasympathetic nervous system to relax and relieve stress. A hot bath of 42℃ or higher stimulates the sympathetic nerves, so it's perfect to wake up in the mornings when you want to clear your head. With bath items meticulously selected under TOUCH's "bathing is medicine" doctrine, enjoy your bath time as a home spa.


Binchoutan (charcoal)

The many pores on the surface absorb harmful substances and have excellent disinfection, odor-eliminating, warming, and electromagnetic ray prevention properties. This is also rich with minerals. The ability to maintain freshness and emit negative ions also brings relaxation. TOUCH takes advantage of these benefits and offers towels woven with charcoal-mixed fibers and soaps blended with medicinal charcoal.


branding store

TOUCH is a specialty brand and store that breathes. The products, shop and services are constantly regenerating. The TOUCH small-lot production original items and superior product collected from around the world are the outcome of the wisdom of professionals such as doctors, therapists, designers, and artisans. These products have a collective effect that aligns with the activities and relaxation of people who use them, to generate healthy benefits for the everyday lifestyle.



The TOUCH original virgin aroma "COCOLO" (meaning "heart and mind" in Japanese) encourages a healthy and stable mind. The fragrance of the mother earth was inspired by mother cotton. The pleasant and fresh aroma elements lift your spirits and the earthy scent slowly alleviates tension to bring deep relaxation and sleep.



Mother cotton, a gift from mother earth, is used for TOUCH towels. This cotton is top-quality natural material, meticulously selected from across the globe. Along with the features of each and every product, TOUCH indicates traceability whenever possible, such as when and where the cotton was picked and how it was used.



TOUCH has a lifestyle design concept that is rooted in white towels. That is the beauty of utility, which is created by pursuing ease of use. Free of excessive design, the product is manufactured in a safe process. TOUCH aims for the luxury of simplicity together with "touch is medicine" designs.



A cleansing program to create a healthy and beautiful body by discharging toxins and pollutants and enhancing metabolism through thalassotherapy and aromatherapy in everyday life. TOUCH suggests eliminating any damage before the day is over by turning your daily bath into time for detoxing.



A science that studies the relationship between organisms and environment and between organisms themselves. This also refers to environment preservation and the nature conservation movement. TOUCH recommends ECOVER to wash not only textile products, but also towels as an environmentally friendly liquid detergent that is free of possible allergens such as enzymes, petroleum chemicals, optical brighteners, preservatives, and stabilizers.


facial cleansing

TOUCH suggests the trick to proper facial cleansing - use plenty of soap, lather it up as if adding air, and wash as if to lift up impurities with the rich foam without scrubbing. After thoroughly rinsing with warm water, splash with cold water to tighten up the pores. Gently press your favorite high quality towel against your skin to pat dry.



Gauze is a long-time favorite at maternity hospitals as the first towel that babies experience. The reversible type offers the soft feel of gauze on one side and the cushiony feature and absorbency of pile on the other side for gentle and dependable use.



TOUCH gifts offer comfort, fun, health, and beauty. Gifts can lead the giver to discover new things about oneself and also reflect upon the giver's desires for the recipient to understand him/her. The English word gift also has the meanings of talent or genius. TOUCH products are true gifts, created with natural materials that are gifts of nature. The genius that you give is sure to bring joy to the recipient.



Hearth implies the deep feeling of heartwarming happiness such as a fireplace and a family spending time together. TOUCH treasures things that take a lot of work and the details that convey warmth. Aiming to create a hearth with products, things, people, and times, TOUCH delivers to you a lifestyle with a human touch.


inhale exhale

The very fundamental of living. Breathing is to inhale and exhale. By breathing deeply, the entire body is relieved of tension and autonomic stability is improved. Taking deep breaths also offers benefits such as promoting blood circulation, elevating body temperature, and regulating hormone secretion and immune functions. Original aromas by TOUCH assist this.


jiritsu shinkei (autonomic nerves)

This is comprised of the sympathetic nervous system that functions when tense and the parasympathetic nervous system that functions when relaxed. It controls organs such as blood vessels, the heart, stomach and intestines, uterus, bladder, endocrine glands, sweat glands, salivary glands, and pancreas, regulating bodily functions. Due to the irregular hours and stress in today's lifestyle, balance tends to be lost. It is TOUCH's mission to restore the balance of tension and relaxation and to enhance natural healing abilities through the power of nature and human wisdom.



West Indian Sea Island Cotton is grown only in 5 regions in the Caribbean Sea and is without doubt the highest quality cotton in the world. Even, thin, strong, soft, and richly lustrous jewel of fibers will keep softness and quick absorption for a long time. TOUCH has the only license in the world for the use of West Indian Sea Island Cotton to create towels.



In contrast to western medicine, which focuses on killing bacteria that cause illness, the objective of kanpou (Chinese herbal medicine) is to enhance the body's immunity. The concept is to quickly catch warning signs from the mind and body, restore balance before becoming ill, and enhance natural healing capability. TOUCH especially focuses on perspiration to warm the body and improve metabolism, enhancing immunity.


Kitasato institute hospital

In a joint project with Uchino Co., Ltd. (the parent of TOUCH), Kitasato Institute Hospital and Kitasato University, a leader of environmental medicine in Japan, have researched and developed the Natural White Organic Towel that is gentle to the skin. Pursuing safety, quality, and performance from a medical standpoint, this product is creating buzz on the medical, beauty, and spa front lines where there is a high demand for towels.



At luxury hotels in Italy, guests are welcomed with a set of linens (bath and bed). Linen boasts absorbency superior to cotton, and its unique texture becomes more pronounced as it comes in contact with water, feeling more comfortable to the skin. The wrinkled texture after washing and the crisp feel after ironing both offer a healthy, stylish, and luxurious touch to the skin.



LOHAS stands for "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability." This focuses on an interest in matters such as ecology, organic product, and energy conservation, and an affinity to contribute to a healthy long life on earth in a way that feels good to oneself and others. In addition to strict ecology supporters, there is a rapid increase of people around the world who implement LOHAS with their food, clothing, and shelter while cherishing and enjoying life on earth.



A nutrient essential to sustaining life. Minerals are depleted when subject to stress, and deficiency slows down metabolism and causes oxidation of the body. Minerals cannot be synthesized in the body, and the mineral balance of soil is increasingly disrupted due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, making it difficult to ingest through regular meals. TOUCH suggests thalassotherapy to absorb the ionized minerals of seawater through the skin. By taking a leisurely bath, minerals will directly penetrate the skin and encourage the discharge of pollutants from your body.


munenshi (Zero Twist yarn)

A non-ply yarn. TOUCH's original Zero Twist yarn has been carefully untwisted after spinning the yarn so there is minimal shedding and a soft touch like cotton flower. This absorbs moisture with just a light touch.


my best touch

As a result of pursuing the TOUCH skincare concept of "matching the skin of each and every customer," a diverse variety of towel textures were created. Just looking at softness, there is a wide range with hollow yarn waffle, Zero Twist pile, Xinjian cotton soft pile, and more. By reexamining the texture of each, selecting weaves, and mixing different materials, we cater to a multitude of preferences. A towel that fits your skin the more you use it and the more you wash it - that is your "my best touch."



Like the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau wine that people look forward to every year, there is a nouveau towel that is released every year in March. Near the Takla Makan Desert and the Tien Shan mountain range, freshly-picked cotton is spun with great care to create the fresh and premium "Xinjian Nouveau Towel." The beautiful luster from being freshly weaved, the supple texture, and the pure existence are why it's described as "white of happiness," making this an annual item to celebrate.


Oeko-Tex Standard 100

An ecological standard for textiles. Products certified with this label have cleared more than 100 testing items at an internationally famous laboratory located in 15 countries worldwide. Many TOUCH towels have acquired Class 1 for babies, the highest level of Oeko-Tex Standard 100.



Organic cotton is grown on agricultural land that has been free of pesticides at least three continuous years. Fertilizer is 100% organic, and harmful insects are repelled by natural enemies, such as ladybugs and garlic. TOUCH organic products uses organic cotton from selected contracted farm and uses as much natural ingredients as possible during the towel manufacturing process.



This refers to the looped yarn that forms the surface of towels. Various textures can be created by changing pile material, thickness, or length. Thick pile made of low-count yarn in long loops creates volume and a nice feeling of dryness. Thin pile made of thin and pliant pile has a light and comfortable feel to the skin.


pure white

TOUCH pursues the ultimate beauty of white, with the approach that solid white, ranging from pure white to the natural color of material, is the base of luxury. This complements the beauty of people who are the center of lifestyles. White also highlights the texture and material of the towel.



TOUCH has eliminated mass production and excessive embellishment to focus on the pure energy of inner nature and the tradition of using with affection over the generations. TOUCH delivers the best and ultimate in quality.



Ramie is a type of hemp. While linen is a traditional material of Europe, ramie is traditional of Southeast Asia and Japan. The Japanese have been familiar with this type of hemp since the Heian period.



A reflex therapy that stimulates the acupressure points on foot soles. The bottom of the foot is referred to as a second heart. Stimulating this part, which is furthest from the heart, improves overall circulation. TOUCH suggests a foot treatment using massage oil.


skin care

Pursuing products that match the skin of each and every customer, all items at TOUCH are based on skincare concepts. Customers can select towels according to texture and discover the best item according their skin condition at the time through counseling, just like for skincare products.


SPA at Home

The approach of incorporating thalassotherapy and aromatherapy at home during bath time to aim for health and beauty of the mind and body. The energy of nature through sea minerals and plant extracts encourage the discharge of toxins, enhancing natural healing powers. Perspiration is a sign that the inner body is being renewed; it's important here to not wipe away or to try to stop the perspiration. The TOUCH way is to gently wrap yourself in an absorbent robe or towel, take plenty of fluids, and to relax and enjoy this time of renewal until your body and mind have naturally settled. Afterwards, gently coat your skin with massage oil to prevent moisture from evaporating, allowing essential oils to absorb through your skin. Your body will feel pleasantly tired as if you did some light exercise, so you will sleep well.


Suvin Gold

With the Indian native variety of Sujata as its father and Sea Island Cotton as its mother, Suvin was born an extra-long staple cotton with the world's most superfine and supple fibers. Currently, this is cultivated in only one place in the world, on the farms of Mr. Apsami in Tamilnadu of south India. With agricultural methods mainly done by hand, it is raised with the care worthy of jewel. TOUCH has gone a step further, carefully selecting only extra-long fibers over 44mm among thus rare cotton. To maximize the qualities of these extra-long fibers, short fibers are removed with a combing process, leaving only evenly long and strong fibers. As you use it over and over, absorption improves, and elasticity and suppleness are sustained.



A new term that combines thalassa, which means the sea in Greek, and therapiea, which means treatment. This remedy leverages the bounty of the sea, such as seawater, seaweed, sea mud, and a beach climate, to enhance the natural healing powers that humans have intrinsically. The bath salt product Oligomer brings thalassotherapy to the home and has had the enormous trust of spas and salons around the world for many years.



TOUCH store staff members are health experts, such as aroma therapists. We can prepare your very own customized beauty aroma concoction.



"Throw" refers to casually covering a bed or sofa with a wrap or scarf. Adding a richly-textured throw to the bed or sofa can completely change the atmosphere of the room. Throws can also be used as a lap blanket or to cover your shoulders when chilly. Nice as both an interior item and to wear outside. Throws can be enjoyed as a stylish and practical item.



The skin is the sensory organ with the most surface area among the five senses. This is why touch has a large impact on our senses. Personal contact and a place for interaction. With the decline of human interaction these days, TOUCH was born as a small center of lifestyle culture that is keenly aware of "touch," so that the five senses are not weakened. Things that feel good to the skin enrich the five senses and bring a good impact to humans physiologically and psychologically. TOUCH believes that when the skin is happy, life itself is happy.



Uchino, the operator of TOUCH, is a Lifestyle Designing company with a history of over 60 years. This is a group of specialists with offices in Asia and Europe.


virgin aroma

There are 25 types of TOUCH original virgin aromas. The main ingredient in these is essential oils made by Matera Aromatica of the UK. Only wild varieties, which have the strongest natural power, and completely organic plants procured from contracted farms around the world are used to create these. TOUCH maintains the quality of these valuable essential oils full of vitality by storing in a refrigerator. Recommendations are made to match the condition of each and every customer.



The waffle weave is a lattice pattern that has been loved by Europeans through the ages. The plump contours capture plenty of air for springiness. Because the skin comes in contact with minimal surface, it feels dry and light. This feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter with excellent absorbency and moisture release properties. As it is dipped in water, it tightens up moderately. The natural look and texture is enhanced the more you use it.


xinjian cotton

Xinjiang cotton is cultivated in Uyghur of the Silk Road district. This extra-long variety has superior luster, whiteness, and a supple touch. All cotton in handpicked to maintain a stable high quality. First-grade extra-long staple cotton, from TOUCH's contracted farms. To maximize the qualities of these fibers, short fibers are removed with a combing process, leaving only evenly long and strong fibers. As you use it over and over, absorption improves, while elasticity and suppleness is sustained.



In Sanskrit, yoga means "union." Aiming to unify the mind and body and to control the emotions and intellect through breathing and harmonious movement of the body, agitation of the mind is stilled. The primary objective is to enhance a healthy mind. Today, yoga is enjoyed along with Pilates and Qigong as a slow exercise. Pilates is a body adjustment method based on yoga, developed as rehabilitation for injured soldiers who were confined to bed. The basics of yoga - "deep breathing" and "a healthy and tranquil mind," are key words that also apply to TOUCH's original aromas "Hale IN & EX" and "COCOLO." Enjoy these together with your slow exercises.



The word zen actually comes from the Zen sect of Buddhism. This word today brings to mind "harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility," which also applies to the tea ceremony. Harmony and respect refer to softening the heart, respecting people and nature, and to restrain the ego. Purity is of the heart. Tranquility is a silence that is almost lonely. These are somewhat similar to the image of a sanctuary. The TOUCH approach to Lifestyle Designing is that the lifestyle of each and every customer is a personal sanctuary. Our role at TOUCH is to bring designs to your lifestyle with aesthetics for the elements of touch and the five senses. We hope that TOUCH will help you to create your sanctuary.